Welcome to the Joplin Area Beekeepers Association!

Our purpose is to promote beekeeping in the Joplin and surrounding area and to help both the beginning hobbyist and the advanced beekeeper in their endeavors to manage their bees successfully.

Keeping bees is very rewarding and satisfying but, as with any form of husbandry, there are circumstances that need experienced know how.

JABA has many advanced local apiarists who are more than willing to share their years of knowledge and experience. We invite you to become a member of the association.

If you have a question, contact us via email at contact@joplinareabeekeepers.com.


New Beekeepers Class


Monday, March 1, 2021 6-8pm
Joplin Greenhouse
2820 E. 32nd St.
(In front of Food4Less)

Cost is $25. This will include the book BEEKEEPING for DUMMIES. If you already have the book classes will be $10. We will meet 5 Mondays in March. You will be taught the basics, how to get started, equipment needed, different types of bees and their characteristics, and much more. We will also have classes at a later date to prep you for fall and winter. So if you are interested in bees and want to go on a journey follow us at the Joplin Area Beekeepers Association. 🐝 😁 🐝  Please call the store or message Joplin Area Beekeepers on Facebook or message me or email us from our website. Thank you so much!!!!



Once again the Joplin Area Beekeepers Association is offering queens and nucleus hives this coming spring.

Our local supplier has not raised the prices this year. Russians and Carniolans are being offered. Nucs are $165.00 and the queens are $30.00 this year.

To order call Alyse Foley at 417-825-7641.


2020 Youth Beekeeping Scholarship Program