Beginning Beekeepers Course

What You See in Your Hive – June 6th

Varroa Testing: Winter Prep – August 4th

Single Brood Box – September 8th

Cheap Solar Wax Cleaner – October 5th

Cheap Solar Wax Cleaner – October 5th

Bee Anatomy and Life Cycle – November 9th

The Value of Survivor Stock Bees – November 30th

Randy Oliver at 4 State Conference – December 22nd


Bee Disease – June 27th

Honey Bee Genetics Sex Alleles – August 28th

Plants and Pollinators – October 5th

Venter Lid – October 5th

2:1 Sugar Syrup Recipe – October 5th

Pesticides, Pollinators and Environmental Policies – November 23rd

Beekeeping Equipment – December 12th